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Use your expertise to get more sales?

Looking to better leverage your sales experts?  Want to find a way to expand your sales reach beyond your traditional trading area? How can you empower your employees to utilize new social media tools? Learn more about your business.



At e-Conversation Solutions, we create and produce video and derivative content; in a fresh way designed to engage with your customers and prospects online. Our product helps build sales, maximize the efficiency of your customer acquisition process, and allows you to communicate more directly and effectively with your customers and prospects than ever before.  Additionally, we provide guidance on social media policy and social media management tools to enable your company to deploy e-content, while at the same time minimizing both legal and reputation risk.


Updating your Website? We can do it for you!

Want to create marketing and social media content that aligns with how today's buyer makes purchasing decisions? Looking for a way to engage with your customers and prospects online?  Need a competitive edge when it comes to SEO?  Contact us today to learn how our solution can make your company the trusted source online.

What makes our product unique?

- Did you know that Video is 50x likelier to appear on page one of search results. 

- Our videos provide answers to your customers' questions, making you the expert. 

- We work with you to integrate our videos into your marketing strategy. 

- Our efficient production process provides the most content for your dollar. 

- Not only will prospects find you with video and e-content, they'll choose to purchase from you. 

How does it work? 

We find the questions that lead customers to buy from your company, and create professionally produced video Answer Bits that answer those questions. Then, we help you integrate your Answer Bits into your digital marketing strategy. 


Our solution is tailored to the next generation of selling. In today's marketplace, customers don't want to be sold - they want to find answers to their questions, and will buy from the source that provides the best expertise. 


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